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Learning Vocabulary Effortlessly

Slide background Franklin defeated his adversary in this mornings tennis match. The Joker was Batman's most dangerous adversary. Mercedes C-class' primary adversary is the BMW 3 series. Diabetes has been a stubborn adversary for my dad. Build Vocab with Context

Learn from your passions

Learn with content you love. From cars to cooking and sports to shopping, topics that you love make it fun to learn.

Your brain love context

Rapid Vocabulary mimicks how we learn vocabulary in real life.  See and hearing new words in variety of different contexts has been proven to boost your retention of words.

Learn vocabulary fast

Rapid Vocabulary uses repetition of words in content but condenses down the amount of text necessary to learn a new word.

    Optimize Learning with Spaced Reptition

    Repetition is one of the most effective ways to move short-term memory towards long-term. The interesting thing is this: the optimal time to wait between repetitions in order to build long-term memory isn’t linear, but exponential with increasing spaces between review of words.

    Learn through Stories

    Storytelling is the basic form of human expression shared by the people in all ages and cultures. By using words, pictures or any other means of conveying a message, storytelling can create a new vivid, contextual reality in the minds of students that are fantastic tools for learning.

    Rapid vocabulary utilizes various story telling techniques to enable learning:

    • Traditional story telling with a hook, hold, and payoff.
    • Gripping and emotional content around students favorite topics.
    • Stories broken up into segments and units to deal with short attentions spans.
    • Scripted but interactive sequences

    Mobile Ready

    Rapid Vocabulary mobile apps makes your downtime on the bus or waiting for the elevator more productive.

    About Us

    Rapid Vocabulary is made up a team of ESL teacher and learners looking to transform the way we learn vocabulary.

    Our common goal is to provide content driven tools for ESL learners to be engaged and entertained.
    We studied latest story telling, e-learning, and gaming techniques to apply these to vocabulary building.
    We hope our blend of education and entertainment can take hold in classrooms of ESL students across the world.

    • Crafted with love

      Designed with the ESL student in mind. Easy to use for beginners and experts in English.

    • Methodical by nature

      We know learning takes practice, so we enable methodical learning that is also fun!

    • Quicker than flashcards

      Our methods are proven to be faster then drills and flash cards. Your brain loves context and we provide it.

    • Analytical

      We constantly test our content with students and optimize and make improvements to increase understanding and retention.

    What others say about us

     John Gottman

    The lessons that rapid vocabulary provides is unlike anything I’ve seen. They are crafted in such that students are more curious and motivated. Words become their gateway into learning new things about topics they love.

    John GottmanESL teacher
    Anna Vandana

    Great content. It’s fun and students see results without much effort. I can see this concept going far.

    Anna VandanaLanguage Teacher
    Maxi Milli

    Hello, I am learning with Rapid Vocabulary. I enjoy the lesson but what most benefits me is the progression. I can see how my vocabulary is growing and can start using words in real life situations right away.

    Maxi MilliESL Student
    Shawn Wood

    Rapid Vocabulary has been a great supplement to my classes. Students really enjoy the materials and can learn in groups. Really innovative concept.

    Shawn WoodTeacher